productronica South China aims to support and “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area strategy”, promote upgrading of the electronic information and manufacturing industry, achieve intelligent automation manufacturing process, optimize the production and manufacturing efficiency via intelligence-oriented supply, manufacturing and sales processes.


Currently, South China is one of the most important production and manufacturing base of the electronics and information industry. productronica from Munich, Germany is the world's leading exhibition for electronics development and construction which has a profound influence in the global electronics industry. Based on the professional exhibition management experience and the world's huge industry resources, Messe München Shanghai Co., Ltd. has held productronica in Shanghai, East China successfully for many years. To meet the growing demand for large-scale technology and equipment upgrading of the electronic good production in South China, productronica will focus on advanced electronic manufacturing technology, explore the impact of intelligent factories on manufacturing industry, forecast the industrial challenges and opportunities brought by the internet of things, and provide intelligent and automation solutions for the South China electronics manufacturing industry.

Why to Exhibit
  • Cover the whole supply chain of electronics intelligent manufacturing, opening up the cooperation between upstream and downstream
  • A new display of Multi-Scene and Multi-Production Lines to help exhibitors to better show a full range of solutions
  • Build 8,000 square meters smart factory and promote new trends of the electronic intelligent manufacturing in South China
  • Face new customers and new business opportunities, covering annual purchase orders in the filed of customer electronics, automotive electronics, industrial electronics, medical electronics, wire harness processing, etc.
  • Customized match-making for buyers, owning exclusive opportunity to meet with 45,000 buyers
Product Categories
  • Smart mounting and assembly technology
  • SMD Tower
  • Test measurement and 3D scanning
  • Soldering and dispensing technology
  • Precision machining
  • PCB and Circuit-carrier manufacturing
  • Manufacturing technologies for cable and connectors
  • Coilware production
  • Hybrid component manufacturing
Target Group
  • Consumer electronics
  • Automotive industry
  • Communication systems
  • Industrial electronics
  • Power electronics
  • Computers & peripherals
  • Medical technology
  • Lighting engineering
  • Security & protection systems
  • Smart and Innovative Shenzhen - "Smart +" Industrial Development Summit
  • International Symposium of Intelligent Automotive Manufacturing and Advanced Automotive Electronics (Shenzhen)
  • Shenzhen International Wire Hamessing and Connector Technology Forum
  • IPC CFX Conference
  • Micro-nano Interconnect Electron Welding Seminar - 5G, High Reliability
  • “Research of Auxiliary and Cleaning Technology for Electronic Manufacturing” Training
  • EM Innovation Award-Winning Product Exhibition and Promotion Conference
  • International Advanced Laser Innovative Technology Forum
  • Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay District Laser Processing and Application Summit
  • Forum on Photoelectron Industry Development under the 5G Background
  • Laser Safety Training Courses
  • China (Shenzhen) Machine Vision Technology & Application Conference
Member Exhibitions

Automation & EMA is an exhibition of automation and robots, smart manufacturing, system integration and automation solutions. For the future of the Chinese manufacturing industry, Automation & EMA aims to offer technological solutions that create higher quality products. It also provides chances for Chinese manufacturers to develop innovative products, streamline production, and upgrade production management and supply chain to reduce costs, increase production capability, quality and efficiency.


China includes industrial manufacturing upgrading and intelligent manufacturing in 13th Five-Year Strategic Plan and focuses on intelligent manufacturing, smart equipment & products development, innovative production processes, as a result comprehensively improve enterprises’intelligent R&D, production, management and services.


Shenzhen Action Plan, Shenzhen has started "upgrading the intelligence level to develop an advanced manufacturing industry" through the promotion of intelligent, green and high-end manufacturing technologies. South China, with its strong economy and modern manufacturing technology, is an important base for China's automotive industry, ship building, electronic products, IT, household appliances and automation equipment manufacturing industries. In response to the huge demand for processing equipment in South China, the laser industry in this region has developed rapidly, and South China has in turn become a heavyweight market for the laser industry in China.


The China Optical Society Laser Processing Committee (COS-LPC) and Messe Muenchen Shanghai Co., Ltd. jointly sponsored the LEAP Expo. With four exhibition areas -Advanced Light Source, Precision Manufacturing, Sheet Metal Processing and Processing Service-LEAP Expo demonstrates advanced laser manufacturing technology and equipment, as well as their latest applications and solutions in various industries in South China, including electronics, automotive industry, metals, moulds, ship building, and home appliance. The exhibition is a platform for the in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the laser processing technology, equipment and related technical issues.


Heritaged from electronica China, the first electronica South China will be unveiled at Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center on November 3-5, 2020. Exhibition space will cover 40,000 sqm and feature 500+ exhibitors, targeting the markets in South and Southwest China as well as Southeast Asia. Electronica South China will continue focusing on electronic components, systems and applications, and innovative applications in Smart Mobility, Smart Factory and Smart Life. The exhibition aims to create start-up incubation platform, create new business opportunities, and provide opportunities for cross-border industrial integration.


Vision China (Shenzhen), joint organized by China Machine Vision Industry Union and Messe Muenchen, is a leading show to promote and accelerate the transition and upgrading of manufacturing industry.


With the development of machine vision market and technology, the demand and sales of its products have maintained growth in recent years. The integration of 5G technology and artificial intelligence will put machine vision to a new level. Vision China (Shenzhen) held along with LEAP Expo, including laser, electronics, semiconductor, and intelligent manufacturing and create Vision Plus X concept to better show how machine vision can be applied in different fields and set up a one-stop platform for professional visitors.